Multiplan uses Advance Steel, Prosteel and Autocad software to create complex steelwork models of the highest standard and accuracy. Our models are fully checked by senior checkers, clash checked and interfaced with connecting structures, vendor equipment and available services. Our models also contain a full array of data fields to meet any client requirements. Models can also be provided in Navisworks format to suit client review and project planning. Detail models can be developed from design drawings, design models or design sketches and liaison where fast tracking or early engagement on projects is required.


Detail fabrication drawings are produced from models using current modelling software to the highest industry standards. Detail assembly drawings of complex structural and mechanical items include full material lists, bolt lists, isometric arrangement, centre of gravity diagrams, cost coding and painting specification. Detail drawings can be produced on client drawing sheets using client numbering systems as required. All components are detailed on referenced fitting sheets to facilitate efficient fabrication. Comprehensive marking plans are provided showing clear erection details including exploded isometric views for complex assemblies.


All detail drawing issues contain data deliverables including material reports, mark reports, bolt reports, and NC & DXF data files.